My Vision for Squamish

My vision is of a thriving, dynamic Squamish with good middle-class jobs from new local industries, a diverse and growing tax base, housing for
everyone including our tourism and service staff, more and better transit, more recreational opportunities, a cherished natural environment and a cultural life filled with entertainment and the arts.

Many of us are concerned about the pressures of development on our newly-accessible town and I strongly believe Squamish is at another critical point in its history.

Live * Work * Play * Grow

I watched the satellite towns of the Toronto area consumed by the ever-expanding mega-city and transformed into strip-mall bedroom communities for the rich by the same forces of unplanned expansion that we now face.  Squamish deserves better.

Growth will happen, but on our terms – visionary; managed and following our best plans, balancing residential, commercial and industrial development, while preserving our unique environment.

We can have the Squamish we want if we act together.  I invite you to join me in making it happen.  Email me at, follow my postings on this site or follow me on Facebook:  Elect Jacquie Menezes 4 Squamish Council and join the discussion!